Abstracts Plant Sciences

Performances of mungbean in stimulated drought condition
8th proceeings-2016.66.pdf
Screening for drought endurance of locally available chilli inbred lines
R.W.C.M. Senanayaka1, K.H.S.T. Deshabandu2 and W.C.P. Egodawatta1 8th proceeings-2016.67.pdf
Optimization of methods for flower drying
H.M.E. Hindagoda1, L.N.S. Perera2, S.M.M.R. Mawalagedera3 and U.G.A.I. Sirisena1 8th proceeings-2016.68.pdf
Carbon sequestration of coconut monocropping and coconut-gliricidia intercropping systems in the intermediate zone of sri lanka
W.A.H.K. Seelarathna1, C.S. Ranasinghe2 and W.M.R.S.K. Warnasooriya1 8th proceeings-2016.69.pdf
Identification of suitable rooting and acclimatization media for walla patta
J.M.I. Jayasundara1, A.L.M. Zuhry2 and W.M.R.S.K. Warnasooriya1 8th proceeings-2016.70.pdf
Development of a protocol for surface sterilization and callus induction of banana type 'kolikuttu'
P.G.P.D. Wickramathunga1, S.M. Nagahawaththa2 and P.A. Weerasinghe1 8th proceeings-2016.71.pdf
Present status of weed problems of irrigated paddy in anuradhapura district
R.A. Kulathilake and T.A.B.D. Sanjeewa 8th proceeings-2016.72.pdf
Possibility of replacing inorganic fertilizer by organic sources in lowland rice
B.S.W. Kumara and D.M.D. Dissanayake 8th proceeings-2016.73.pdf
Effect of biofilmed biofertilizers on mitigating diseases of anthurium
S.M.A. Samanmali1, K.A.C.N. Senevirathne2, U.G.A.I. Sirisena1 and S.M.M.R. Mawalagedera3 8th proceeings-2016.74.pdf
Effect of root pruning on root and shoot growth and survival of durian
W.G.T.P. Wickramarathna1, E.R.S.P.Edirimanna2 and D.A.U.D. Devasinghe1 8th proceeings-2016.75.pdf
Evaluation of different nursery media for seed splitting and testing of seed treatments for germination and seedling growth of ceylon olive
Y.P.K.N. Thilakarathna1, K.W. Ketipearachchi2 and D.A.U.D. Devasinghe1 8th proceeings-2016.76.pdf
Effect of effective microorganisms and vermiwash on yield and quality of lettuce hydroponic cultivation
L.N. Kularathna and D.A.U.D. Devasinghe 8th proceeings-2016.77.pdf
Development of embryo rescue technique for wide-hybridization of capsicum
H.M.S.R.K. Herath1, H.M.P.S. Kumari2 and P.A. Weerasinghe1 8th proceeings-2016.78.pdf
Analysis of genetic distance among common bean using morphological and molecular markers
K.M.A.N. Kulathunga1, H.M.P.S. Kumari2, M.C.M. Zakeel1 and L.K.W. Wijayaratne1 8th proceeings-2016.80.pdf
Effect of different soil amendments for suppression of fungal pathogen in mae
A.W.A.C.W.P.R. Gunasekara1, W.A.P.G. Weeraratne2 and A. Balasuriya1 8th proceeings-2016.81.pdf
Development of agrobacterium transformation systems for selected crop varieties in sri lanka
P.D.K.S. Premarathne1, P.C.G. Bandaranayeke2 and M.C.M. Zakeel1 8th proceeings-2016.82.pdf
Prevalence of mycorrhizae in dry zone soils and their interrelations with selected dry zone crop and weed species
D.A.I. Lakshika and A. Balasuriya 8th proceeings-2016.83.pdf
Evaluation of six eggplant accessions and their f1 hybrids for morphological, agronomical and organoleptic interest
J.P.C. Udakumbura1, H.M.V.T. Welegama2, H.H.D. Fonseka2 and H.M.D.A.K. Herath1 8th proceeings-2016.84.pdf
Micropropagation of nodal segments of yam varieties
L.G.T.G. Rajapaksha1, H.M.P.S.Kumari2 and P.A.Weerasinghe1 8th proceeings-2016.85.pdf