About Symposium

Editor In-Chief
Dr. Chaminda Egodawatta
8th Annual Research Symposium, 2016
Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

The Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka has fruitfully concluded its 8th Annual Research Symposium on 12th February 2016, which was one of its most highlighted events in this years' academic calendar

It was at the beginning of the year, all scientists of the faculty gathered around a common goal i.e. dissemination of the knowledge that has generated during year 2015 to general public. At quindecennial anniversary, Faculty of Agriculture exhibited its contribution and strength in research and knowledge generation with a decorated event by guaranteeing the link to past, present and future of agriculture education in Sri Lanka.

With a focus on constraints dominant dry farming at its location, Faculty of Agriculture has its emphasis on wide array of disciplines. Begins with the core of agriculture; crop production and animal husbandry, the scope is broaden to cover all, even minor aspects of agriculture. Four parallel sessions sheltered by Departments of Agricultural Engineering & Soil Science, Agricultural Systems, Animal & Food Sciences and Plant Sciences in domains of Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Soil Management, Agricultural Economics & Extension, Animal Science & Food Technology, Crop Production Technology and Crop Protection & Improvement; a total of 66 presentations were disclosed with a significant contribution to science. The commitment to accomplish the activity at almost on the schedule, authors warranted a hearty acknowledgement, which has become the greatest fulfillment of recent grandaunts. All research presentations were evaluated by panel expertise from outside institutes; who were very satisfied and delighted with the outcomes. This mirrored the quality of the grandaunts and staff of the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL that evenly matches with national and international standards.

Abstracts of all the papers are published in this volume and selected are encouraged to publish in elsewhere for broadening the contribution to science and development. For instance, information that is provided may be useful for those who are seeking solutions for numerous constraints in dry environments. Many associated problems are highlighted, while for certain paths of finding solutions or the solutions are also publicized during the symposium. Consequently an immense stride was taken in by disseminating the scholarly work. Thus, the ultimate outcome was a success; congratulations.

The year's symposium has been possible due to untiring effort of Dr. D.M.D. Dissanayake, Coordinator – 8th Annual Research Symposium with guidance of Dr. M.G.T.S. Amarasekara, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and all members of the academic staff. Herewith, an extended utmost gratitude to all academics for their support and corporation towards making this a success. We are very grateful for external institutes for taking all burdens of these collaborative works and the support rendered by external supervisors for critiques for high standard outcome. Acknowledgements to all internal supervisors for your untiring support by meeting deadlines without any hesitations and final shaping of abstracts. Lastly, the contributions by grandaunts, supportive staff and all internal students for the success of this symposium are heartily appreciated.