About Symposium

Editor In-Chief
Dr. P.H.P. Prasanna
6th Annual Research Symposium, 2014
Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

I am pleased to write this foreword on the occasion of the 6th Annual Research Symposium of the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

Publishing is a vital part of research, no matter how good or important the research. Research findings have little value unless they are made available for other researchers and government & private organisations of the country to use and further develop. Furthermore, the process of preparing work for presentation and publication can only improve the quality of research, because it demands discipline of purpose and clarity of thought. Eighty three abstracts in this proceedings have, no doubt, cost each of the authors a great deal in both time and energy, and they are all to be highly praised for their efforts. The standard of the abstracts is a testimony to their efforts, and it is very encouraging to see the quality of the researches. This is a trend that I am confident will continue through future Annual Research Symposia.

The success of the Proceedings of the 6th Annual Research Symposium of the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka was made possible thanks to the unconditional commitment and invaluable contributions of a wide range of partners and sponsors. Much appreciation goes to the authors and presenters, the reviewers for their sound comments and feedback as well as to all the symposium participants, for ideas, insights and contributions. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Abhaya Balasuriya for proof reading, Mr. Nalaka Geekiyanage for coordinating the publication process and all the staff who contributed to the success of this year’s Symposium. Finally, I would like to thank the Coordinator, Dr. Senaka Ranadheera who has been working tirelessly to organize this symposium.

Chairperson Dr.M.G.T.S.Amarasekara
Coordinator Dr.Senaka Ranadheera
Editor In-Chief Dr.P.H.P. Prasanna
Secretary Dr.P.D. Kahandage

Fund Raising

Dr.L.P. Rupasena – In-Charge Dr.M.G T.S. Amarasekera Prof.P.A. Weerasinghe
Prof.Y.M.Wickramasinghe Dr.(Mrs.)G.A.S. Ginigaddara Dr.A.Balasuriya
Dr.A.M.J.B. Adikari Mr.M.H.J.P.Gunarathne Mr.J.A. Premasiri

Final Marks Processing

Mrs. Rasika Warnasooriya – In-Charge Ms. M.L.W.O.M. Karunarathne Ms. T.U. Jayarathne
Mr. M.G.C.R.Wijesinghe Mr. D.G.P. Kumarasiri Mr. R.M.S.S.B. Karunadasa


Mr. Nalaka Geekiyanage – In-Charge Ms. H.C.D. Wijayawardana Ms. T.U. Jayarathne
Ms. K.K.D.P. Rupasinghe Ms. W.D.D.K. Karunarathna Ms. D.T. Nanayakkara

Food and Refreshments

Dr. W.C.P. Egodawatta – In-Charge Mr. A.P.S. Fernando Ms W.P.T. Dirukshi
Ms. J.P.H.U. Jayaneththi Mr. H.M.L.K. Herath Ms. D.T. Nanayakkara
Ms. K.K.D.P. Rupasinghe Mr. B.M.I.S.L. Bandara Ms. M.T.G.S.W. Gunawardhana
Ms. W.K.A.D. Ekanayake

Final Marks Processing

Mrs. Rasika Warnasooriya – In-Charge Ms. M.L.W.O.M. Karunarathne Ms. T.U. Jayarathne
Mr. M.G.C.R. Wijesinghe Mr. D.G.P. Kumarasiri Mr. R.M.S.S.B. Karunadasa

Floral Arrangements

Dr. S.M.M.R. Mawalagedara – In-Charge Dr. D.A.U.D. Devasinghe Mr. B.M.I.S.L. Bandara
Ms. L.A.N.D. Wijesiri Ms. W.B.W.M.R.C.P. Aluwihare Ms. M.G.D. Malkanthi
Ms. T.M.N.M. Tennakoon

Invitations, Souvenirs and Banners

Mrs. M.K.N. Kumari – In-Charge Mr. S.A.M.C. Samarakoon Ms. W.M.S.M. Wijekoon

Reception and Registration

Mrs. N.W.I.A. Jayawardhana – In-Charge Ms. M.T.G.S.W. Gunawardhana Ms. D.M.D.S. Wickramasinghe Ms. K.N. Dilrukshi

Cultural Show and Awards Ceremony

Mr. S.M.C.B. Karalliyadda – In-Charge Ms. S.C. Rajapaksha

Transport Arrangement

Mr. D.M.D. Dissanayake – In-Charge Mr. M. Nanthakumaar

Medals and Certificates

Dr. W.A.D. Nayananjalie - In-Charge Ms. W.K.A.D. Ekanayake

Media Coverage/ Video Production

Ms. K.K.P. Perera – In-Charge Mr. S.M.C.B. Karalliyadda

Scientific Programme/Technical Sessions

Dr. L.K.W. Wijayaratne – In-Charge Dr. A. Balasuriya Dr. (Mrs.) G.A.S. Ginigaddara
Dr. A.M.J.B. Adikari Dr. P.H.P. Prasanna Dr. D.A.U.D. Devasinghe
Mr. M.H.J.P. Gunarathna Mr. G.V.T.V. Weerasooriya Ms. N.W.I.A. Jayawardane


Mr. J.A. Premasiri – In-Charge Ms. G.W.A.S. Lakmini Mr. S.A.M.C. Samarakoon
Ms. H.C.D. Wijayawardhana Ms. K.G.S. Nirmanee Ms. W.D.D.K. Karunarathne

Outdoor Decorations

Mr. M.C.M. Zakeel – In-Charge Dr. L.K.W. Wijayaratne Mr. M.G.C.R. Wijesinghe Ms. G.W.D.Chathurangi


Ms. A.J. Fernando – In-Charge

Audio Visual Arrangements

Mrs. E.D.T. Somarathne – In-Charge